Social Science Teaching, Research and Practice: Consolidating Lessons and Charting Directions Volume 1

Php700.00 (two volumes)
Published | ISBN/ISSN 978-971-92720-8-3

The Conference on Social Science Teaching, Research and Practice (CSSTRP) organized by the College of Social Sciences (CSS) in UP Baguio has armed that the social sciences are flourishing. The social sciences also continue to play an important role in the distinctive identity of UP Baguio in the Cordillera and Northern Luzon higher education as well as within the UP System. Indeed the College of Social Sciences has sustained its leadership [along with the College of Science (CS) and College of Arts and Communications (CAC)] in research, teaching and practice in Indigenous/Ethnicity Studies, Sustainable Development and Governance. These three core areas or niches began in the early history of UP Baguio, and have been nurtured by faculty up until today. The continuing relevance of the disciplines of the social sciences has been shown in papers, for instance, that tackle current social and environmental problems, such as water governance, air pollution, migration and multi-culturalism.